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Real Estate Investment Funding

Real estate investing involves purchasing an investment property to generate profit. An investment property is real estate that isn’t a primary or secondary residence. It’s a piece of property that will not be occupied by the owner.

“This is my strategy: not to negotiate. That is negotiation.” — Fredrik Eklund

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Understanding Real Estate Investing
Why Get an Investment Property Loan?
Real Estate Investing: Types of Properties
Tips on Investment Property Loans

Our residential investment property loans are asset-based not income-based, making it easier to qualify W-2 and self-employed investors for rental property financing.

At Sterlings Rowe Financial Group, we add value by providing a smart, fast and easy way to fund residential investment property loans. Submitting a loan is a familiar process.  All that’s needed is a 1003(app) and a credit report to get started.

We have the freedom to set our own underwriting guidelines.  And because our common-sense, asset-based lending approach is focused on the property’s value and revenue-generating potential instead of the borrower’s personal income, you’ll have the ability to fund loans that traditional lenders can’t.

You Have Options

  • FlexPerm Loan: An uncomplicated option that combines the security of a fixed-term loan with flexible fixed-term lengths and the option to remain in the loan for up to 30 years with no balloon payment.
  • Credit QuickFix Loan: An interim solution designed for investors with minor credit issues seeking a lower-cost, interest-only, short-term loan as an alternative to hard money financing.
  • ARV Pro Loan: Designed for “fix-and-flip” investors looking for a short-term, interest-only loan to acquire and improve a residential investment property based on its “as repaired value” (ARV).

Our rental property loan financing specialists are experts at qualifying W-2 and self‑employed real estate investors.

Most brokers are already familiar with these properties, so the move from consumer home loans to rental property loans provides a fast track for creating a new revenue stream without having to change the way they already do business.